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Director of product managment

San Francisco

A Director of Product Management is responsible for a business’s product planning and execution all through the lifecycle of the compliance business.

This is inclusive of gathering and prioritizing requirements for the product, defining the vision for the product, and collaborating with other directors from the engineering, marketing, sales, and operations departments in order to ensure that the financial and consumer satisfaction goals are met.

In addition to this, the Director of Product Development also ensures that the company’s overall strategy and goals are supported by those of the product; that the product goals and strategy do not deviate from that of the business.

Supervisory Role: First and foremost, the position is a position of leadership and in this capacity the Director of Product Management oversees and is answerable to the Chief Product Officer and stakeholders for all activities of the product management department. The Director of Product Development oversees and ensures that the functions of the Junior Product Manager, Product Manager, Senior Product Manager, and Head of Product Management are efficiently and effectively executed.

Collaboration: The role of Director of Product Development is also one of a cross-functional nature and as such, the Director is expected to liaise with other Product Line Directors. These are Directors of the engineering, marketing, sales, and design departments. The reason for this collaboration is to place the executive management in a position to translate the product needs into requirements and to drive consensus within the product departments, which ultimately promotes the achievement of the product goals. Collaboration leads to clear and efficient product road mapping, product planning, prioritization, and an overall agile product development process.

Product Proposals: The Junior Product Managers are tasked with the analysis of information and formulations of product solutions and strategies that are presented and refined further up the line. The Director receives numerous Product Proposals from his junior managers through the Head of Product Management. He is then expected to evaluate these proposals prior to authorizing the effect of any solutions and strategies for the business’s product.

Stakeholders: The Director is answerable not only directly to the Chief Product Officer but to the stakeholders of the business. The Director is tasked with keeping the stakeholders up to date on product process and progress.

Vision Creation: As the leader of the product department, it is the Director’s responsibility to build an understanding and cultivate in the departments’ members the product’s vision, the business case, as well as compiling the product planning material necessary for driving product initiatives further with clarity and consensus.

Product Line lifecycle: The Director of Product Development, alongside other product Directors, is also responsible for developing, defining, and overseeing the product’s roadmap and managing it as required for the purpose of meeting deliverables for the business. At this capacity, the Director of Product Development also incorporates the existing development backlog and makes priorities as determined by the business, consumer, and market needs.

Consumer Relations: The Director of Product Management does not simply rely on the input and feedback of the junior product managers when it comes to consumer relations. A Director of Product Management is also responsible for engaging extensively with consumers in order to gain first-hand insight on the consumers’ and market feedback on the business’s product. This first-hand information coupled with consumer and market information relayed to him by the junior product managers breeds a clearer understanding of the current and future market direction, needs, and potential receptivity.

Product/Market Strategy: The Director of Product Management also works intimately with the marketing department to develop marketing strategies, lead generation strategies, and sales strategies. The Director also partners up with the sales department to build on product unit sales implementation as well as support strategies.

Research and Analyses: The Director of Product Development is also tasked with conducting relevant product research; establishing competitive intelligence and various market analyses that supplement and compliments analyses already conducted by junior product managers. The Director of Product Development in this capacity is responsible for conducting consumer and market research that further aids the business in understanding current and future product needs.

Product Evangelism:  Like the Head of Product Management, the Director is tasked with representing the business and promoting the product by advocating for its value and benefits at executive briefings, marketing events, online consumer platforms, and so forth.

Other Duties: The Director of Product Management also performs other duties as required by the Chief Product Officer or the Employer.

Full Stack Developer-Intern

Product development


What You'll Do

  • Developing and implementing new features and enhancements for our SaaS applications

  • Covering the code with automated tests to detect regression and bugs

  • Writing code in Java, CSS, and JavaScript for large-scale applications

  • Support, maintain and enhance all test case automation related activities during iterative development, system testing, and regression testing

  • Integrating front-end applications with our Java stack

  • Help and support in building applications that are responsive, performant, and accessible

  • Participating in all areas of the software development lifecycle

Great Skills, Knowledge or Expertise to Have

Currently working towards a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in Computer Science or a related field

  • We are primarily a Java shop, so experience/knowledge of Java is a big plus

  • Experience in Web Development (HTML, CSS, and SASS)

  • Experience with a modern front-end JavaScript framework (e.g. Vue, Angular, etc)

  • Ability to write maintainable JavaScript components

  • Familiar with front-end build systems (e.g. Webpack) and package management (e.g. npm)

  • Design, create and execute automation scripts using Cypress, Junit, and Jest

  • Review manual test cases for the relevant application and provide feedback on suitability for automation to the project team

  • Create and maintain test plans, cases, scenarios/scripts, in compliance with defined QA standards and methodologies

  • Establish and configure testing environments for executing test cases and scenarios

  • Self-motivated with strong teamwork and communication skills Able to work in a fast-paced environment

Senior Backend Engineer


Resume is required

Multiple attachments can be uploaded including Resume and Cover Letter for each application

Job Description Summary:

What You'll Do

Create and implement architecture consistent with enterprise architecture standards, guidelines and principles and work with engineering to ensure that implementations are consistent with the spirit of these principles

Build products that would drive the business

  • Cross collaboration with multiple teams on building awesome commerce solutions.

  • Understand the broader business and contribute to technology direction

  • Develop architecture and influence implementation to gain measurable business improvements

  • Provide leadership to both junior and senior engineers

    What We're Looking For

    Bachelor's and/or Masters in computer science OR related field of study

  • 5+ years experience in software development or a related field

  • Experience working on backend systems at scale, using technologies like mySQL, MongoDB, Python, etc.

  • Experience working in Python and Django framework is a plus.

  • Strong object-oriented programming skills

  • Experience mentoring and developing software engineers

    **Job Description: Provide leadership to both junior and senior engineers

    What We're Looking For

    Bachelor's and/or Masters in computer science OR related field of study

  • 5+ years experience in software development or a related field

  • Experience working on backend systems at scale, using technologies like MySQL, MongoDB, Python, etc.

  • Experience working in Python and Django frameworks is a plus.

  • Strong object-oriented programming skills

  • Experience mentoring and developing software engineers


Sales Development Representative

San Francisco

  • Achieve forecasted sales goals

  • Manage the sales pipeline and source leads

  • Plan and execute sales activities that will ensure sales growth objectives.

  • Be able to properly demonstrate the features and benefits of Company instrumentation to customers.

  • Set demo session with the potential customer to convert

  • Meet customer requirements (responsive, schedule conscious, etc) and maintain a relationship

  • Provide forecasts, reports, marketing intelligence, and information

  • Attend and represent the Company at local and national exhibitions and meetings.

  • On-board customers and keep the communication alive

  • Contributes to team effort by accomplishing related results as needed

  • Bachelor's in marketing, business or equivalent

  • 3+ years of sales or merchandising experience

  • Excellent communication and presentation skills

  • Solid knowledge of Sales management and b2b sales pipeline management

  • Familiarity with analytical, productivity, and reporting tools such as MS Office, Asana, Slack, LinkedIn, PBI, etc...

  • Fluency in English is required

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